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Russell Hobbs RHM2017

The 20 litre Russell Hobbs RHM2017 is finished in a silky silver and mirrored door exterior, complete with a 800w power output and 5 different power levels.

Russell Hobbs RHM2017 Review

Looks very smart, nice clean and minimal interface, cooks quite well too! Is a little prone to finger print marks, and the opening procedure requires a bit of care!
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Our Russell Hobbs RHM2017 Microwave Review

Russell Hobbs RHM2017

If you're looking to purchase a new solo microwave, then you're not short of options. Russell Hobbs have recently released the RHM2017, which features the fairly standard specification of combining a 20 litre volume with a 800w power output. Built in are five microwave power levels, several time saving auto cook menus, a defrost mode and a built in LED digital clock and timing system. Out of the box, the first thing you notice about the RHM2017, other than the shiny mirrored door, is that it features a dial and button based system, rather than solely using buttons like many of it's competitors. Top marks to Russell Hobbs for providing clear text labels next to each input option - our pet hate is having to guess which button operates which function. The featured controls are fairly minimal, which a thin vertical lines of subtle buttons hovering above the main dial used to control the time and weight input. Opening the door requires a pull on the door, with no button used to release the catch. Unfortunately this can move the microwave a little, and if you have been microwaving a full jug of liquid, it may be a touch difficult to open the oven without spillage. This isn't a major issue - we soon got the hang of the opening system - initially however it may cause some problems as you get used to the amount of force required. Keeping the mirrored door fingerprint free and clean is nigh on impossible - however instead of wiping with a duster or damp cloth, try applying a tiny amount of vinegar or window cleaning solution and you should be able to remedy this.

As the specification suggests, the overall size and capacity are both fairly small - being 26cm by 45cm by 39cm externally, and featuring a 24.5cm sized turntable. It's worth checking that your larger dishes will fit prior to buying - all of our standard test containers fitted comfortably. In terms of performance, the RHM2017 works as well as any small sized solo microwave in this price bracket. It heats up food pretty quickly, and as mentioned earlier, the controls are intuitive to operate. the auto cook menus appear to be accurate, and help to save time when calculating cooking times for regular dishes. For those who are interested, the options are Milk/Coffee, Rice, Spaghetti, Potatoes, Auto Reheat, Fish, Popcorn and finally Pizza!

After a couple of weeks each of testing the RHM2017, our team were largely impressed by this microwave. It's simple to use, provides a fairly decent performance and also easy to clean.

Our Verdict for the Russell Hobbs RHM2017

For the money, the Russell Hobbs RHM2017 offers decent value, and also looks the part. It may require a quick polish to remove any finger prints, but asides from that it's a solid solo microwave oven for those on a budget.

Russell Hobbs RHM2017 Features

  • 20 Litre microwave capacity
  • 800W microwave power output
  • 5 different power levels
  • Weight defrost system
  • interior finish is easy to clean
  • 24.5cm removable glass turntable
  • button & dial control panel
  • 60 minute timer system for easy programming
  • Child safety lock to avoid accidents
  • Features a stylish silver housing for a modern theme
  • mirrored finish to the door

Russell Hobbs RHM2017 Specification

Manufacturer: Russell Hobbs
Model: RHM2017
Capacity: 20 litres
Power: 800 Watts
Colour: Silver
Dimensions: 26.2cm by 45.2cm by 39.5cm
Internal Dimensions: 24.5cm diameter turntable
Weight: 12kg
Our Rating: 4.0 out of 5
User Rating:

Russell Hobbs RHM2017 Microwave Customer Reviews

"I bought the Russell Hobbs RHM2017 last year as my old microwave died on me. It's pretty much the same as the model it replaced in terms of size, weight (I keep mine on a shelf, so weight is a consideration) and capacity. I spent a while shopping around, but soon came to realise there are literally hundreds of 20 litre 800w microwaves available - so I bought this one as it matches my fridge, kettle and toaster, and also has pretty good reviews. Overall it heats up pretty fast, and I like the buttons and dial design on the right side - these look stylish, and will suit anyone who has a modern or designer kitchen style. Cleaning the inside of the RHM2017 is pretty straight forward, and the turntable, (which measures is just over 24cm in diameter), is a standard removable model for easy maintenance/cleaning. Just don't drop it, because it feels like it would shatter upon hitting a hard surface - although I suppose this would apply to virtually all microwaves. All in all I'm pretty happy with my purchase - it looks good, didn't cost the earth, and does the job. Can't complain about that." Michael Pollard, Grimsby

"Needed a new microwave, and bought the Russell Hobbs RHM2017 on the basis that it was in a sale, and looked like it would suit my kitchen. 3 months on, with daily use, it's been a pretty good decision - the microwave heats up liquids faster than my previous model (admittedly it was a pretty old microwave!) and looks good. The only downside is the mirror effect door does show finger prints - but they are easy enough to remove. I'm pleased with it overall, and would certainly recommend the RHM2017 - it's a reliable cheap microwave." Mr J Duncan, Portsmouth

"I've got a silver toaster and kettle, but my microwave didn't match, so after saving up the cash decided to replace my older model with one that fitted in more. It works well, is easy to use and does the job without any issues so far. On the plus side, it matches my kitchen far more than the old one, and doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. Overall I like it - I did admittedly only buy it because of the colour and design, but it also cooks to a decent standard. Thumbs up from me!" Ms R Rowling, Bath

"The plus sides of the Russell Hobbs RHM2017 are: It looks good, cooks fast and doesn't cost too much compared to other solo microwaves. The negatives are that the door does take a bit of getting used to, and the mirrored effect may not to be everyone's tastes - it does show my children's finger marks as well! All in all it's a solid solo microwave which is reasonably well constructed and designed - it should last a fair few years." Gordon Harris, Luton

One Customer Review of the Russell Hobbs RHM2017

  1. Jessica

    I brought this microwave once before and I wanted the same so yesterday I got the same microwave back home and it had a few differences even though there the same, the writing on the front is much bigger and a plastic silver handle rather than a sturdy chrome one and face front. The picture compares rather a bit to what I have received even though they are the same make and model?!

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