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Panasonic NN-SD271SBPQ

The 23 litre Panasonic NN-SD271SBPQ solo microwave features a stainless steel finish and 950w of power.  The angular stainless design portrays a modern style, with the digital time display font reminiscent of 1980's watches.  Long narrow buttons represent the majority of the NN-SD271SBPQ's interface, with a central dial providing a degree of finesse for accurate timing purposes. In terms of specification, this solo microwave is essentially a medium capacity high powered model, with a reasonable price tag and an excellent sturdy build quality.

Panasonic NN-SD271SBPQ Review

Well constructed, easy to use and good value too. Peace of mind is provided by Panasonic's excellent after sales support, although given the renowned reliability of Panasonic appliances we shouldn't envisage this will be required! The feet of the microwave can slip slightly on certain surfaces when opening the door. Asides from that, we couldn't fault it, despite extensive testing in four different households.
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Our Panasonic NN-SD271SBPQ Microwave Review

Panasonic NN-SD271SBPQ

The Panasonic NN-SD271SBPQ is a 23 litre mid sized solo microwave, which although priced at the higher end of the solo bracket, is very well constructed and offers 950w of power output. 10 Auto programs are featured, with the maximum providing 950 watts.  These are controlled by a series of well labelled buttons - each is marked with a large font, and as such this microwave is remarkably easy to operate.  Common tasks are programmed in with very short button sequences - meaning you'll spend less time pressing buttons to complete the operations you need.

The exterior is finished in stainless steel, which looks smart and gives the appliance an expensive modern appearance.  Our test team were impressed by the attention to detail, with the digital timer display reminding some of us of retro digital watches!  Some modern looking microwaves plump for slightly experimental and flamboyant designs which although may currently be on trend, will quickly look dated when styles go out of fashion.  With the NN-SD271SBPQ, Panasonic have opted for a refined and subtle finish, which although modern in style, won't age like other models, which is reassuring considering the price tag.

The capacity is middle of the road - 23 litres is about right for a medium sized household, with a 28.5cm turntable fitted.  The interior is finished in an acrylic grey for easy maintenance and cleaning.  As with the majority of Panasonic's models, the Chaos defrost system is included, which in our experience is one of the most effective defrosting systems on the market - a bonus for those of you who cook and freeze meals in advance.

The only slight issue we have with this model that on certain surfaces it can move slightly, as the feet aren't amazingly grippy.  We tested this model in four different kitchens, on both tables and work surfaces, and wouldn't consider this issue enough of a problem to prevent us from purchasing, as movement is minimal, but feel it's only right that we point it out to our readers.

Overall we really liked this silver microwave - it is incredibly easy to use, cooks really well, and looks great.  Granted it's not the cheapest, but despite the price tag we feel it represents very good value for money, and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend this model from Panasonic.

Our Verdict for the Panasonic NN-SD271SBPQ

Overall the Panasonic NN-SD271SBPQ is a very good investment - it is well constructed, the controls are pretty simple to use, easy to clean, and more importantly cooks very well.  The classic subtle design appealed to our team, and should last the test of time without appearing dated, as should the components due to the substantial build quality.  Ultimately it's a solo microwave which is built to last, and one which we are happy to recommend to our readers.

Panasonic NN-SD271SBPQ Features

  • 950W Power Output
  • 23 Litre overall capacity
  • Inverter technology
  • 10 Auto programs
  • Stainless Steel finish
  • Chaos Defrost
  • Acrylic Grey interior
  • Buttons / Dial control system

Panasonic NN-SD271SBPQ Specification

Manufacturer: Panasonic
Model: NN-SD271SBPQ
Capacity: 23 litres
Power: 950 Watts
Colour: Silver
Dimensions: 39.5cm by 48.8cm by 27.9cm
Internal Dimensions: 28.5cm turntable
Weight: 9kg
Our Rating: 5.0 out of 5
User Rating:

Panasonic NN-SD271SBPQ Microwave Customer Reviews

"I ended up with one of these as a Valentine's present - not very romantic I know!  My partner has always known I'm the type of girl who prefers practical gifts as opposed to flowers and the like, and we still had a few vouchers left over from Christmas, so I bought myself the NN-SD271SBPQ.  It's not as big as some of the rest of their range, but was about the right size for my kitchen, which is pretty compact.  It's a massive improvement on my older Daewoo model, which was beginning to give up the ghost - the Panasonic cooks faster and just works better all round.  Granted, it did costs a little extra than my older one, but so far it's been worth every penny.  Perfect for chocolate mug brownies!" Gemma Shale, Bath

"I bought the NN-SD271SBPQ after completing quite a bit of research online, reading reviews and customer experiences.  This model was one of the few in my price range which didn't seem to suffer from any common repeated faults - I didn't want to buy twice so took my time before opting for this microwave.  I don't regret my decision - whilst I can't say whether other brands would have worked as well as this one, I've had it for six months, during which it's been used daily, and I haven't had a single problem.  Nice and simple to use, and the power output hasn't tailed off at all, as recipes still appear to take the same amount of time to cook.  It seems to be very well made - it's no coincidence that this model won Which Best Buy a couple of years back.  In my experience, it's been a great purchase, and can only recommend it to others." Mr Geoff Armstrong, Aldershot

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