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Panasonic NN-CF853W

Next up in our combination microwave review section is a massive microwave for those with larger families and room for a substantially sized appliance in their kitchen. The Panasonic NN-CF853W is a huge 32 litre combi microwave, featuring a comprehensive 1000w power output, flatbed technology and a massive 41cm by 25cm by 32cm interior, with stunning modern looks and an intuitive button system.

Panasonic NN-CF853W Review

Masive capacity, exceptionally well built and cooks beautifully. A very well designed combi microwave from Panasonic. Might be slightly too large and expensive for some customers - it still offers very good value for money in our opinion.
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Our Panasonic NN-CF853W Combi Microwave Review

Panasonic NN-CF853W

Are you after a new combination microwave, and want one which will be large enough for your family, yet still cook fast and be built to last? Panasonic may just have the solution to your problems with their high end offering - the Panasonic NN-CF853W. Featuring a vast 32 litre capacity, it measures an extraordinary 41cm by 25cm by 32cm inside, and so will accommodate just about any extra large dish we've ever encountered. The overall weight is pretty high, being in the region of 17kg, and so it will need to sit on a sturdy surface. The upside of this is that, as you would expect from Panasonic, the NN-CF853W is well constructed, with every moving part feeling solid, and like it is built to last years of daily use. The exterior is large, and so it will be worth your while measuring your allotted microwave space prior to purchasing to ensure it fits - full specifications are listed at the bottom of this page. The flatbed design means it does not feature a rotating turntable - providing you with yet more room inside. Despite the fact that the food does not move within the microwave, it still heats and cooks evenly thanks to the 1000w of power when in microwave mode. Also included is a 1300w grill, which reaches temperature rapidly. A fairly unique feature of this model is the two tier option - enabling you to cook two dishes at once whilst in convection oven mode - by simply sliding in the wire tray, and selecting the appropriate setting, you can save time and energy by simultaneously cooking different dishes. The air circulates evenly, and both dishes cooked well and were ready at the same time during our test period. It even features an "intelligent sensor" which guesses the weight of your food, and recommends a suitable program - we found this to be surprisingly accurate in practice.

Overall we were impressed with the NN-CF853W - it performed to a very high standard, and both the controls and various mechanisms work well and give the impression that they will operate flawlessly for years to come, given the build quality. Granted, this model will not be for everyone - it does cost a lot, and will take up quite a bit of room in your kitchen. For those who want a large top of the range combi microwave, then we would highly recommend this model. A lot of thought has been put into the design, and as a result, it's a joy to use and simple to clean.

Our Verdict for the Panasonic NN-CF853W

Quite simply, an incredibly well designed piece of kit, which both looks and functions very well indeed.  Granted, it is a sizable investment, but over time we believe it will prove to be good value for money. Overall we highly recommend the NN-CF853W - a high performing combination microwave.

Panasonic NN-CF853W Features

  • The NN-CF853W features 2-Level Convection Cooking
  • Flatbed Microwave Design - no turntable fitted
  • 1000W Inverter Microwave
  • 1300W Quartz Grill Design
  • 32 Litre Capacity
  • 41cm by 25cm by 32cm internal dimensions
  • 43.8cm by 49cm by 39cm external dimensions
  • 17kg in weight

Panasonic NN-CF853W Specification

Manufacturer: Panasonic
Model: NN-CF853W
Capacity: 32 litres
Power: 1000 Watts
Colour: White
Dimensions: 43.8cm by 49cm by 39cm
Internal Dimensions: 41cm by 25cm by 32cm
Weight: 17kg
Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5
User Rating:

Panasonic NN-CF853W Microwave Customer Reviews

"My old microwave stopped working abruptly, and so I needed a new one fairly urgently as it's something I use fairly regularly.  I didn't really have a set budget, I just wanted a large capacity and powerful combi microwave - the Panasonic NN-CF853W seemed to fit the bill.  It is very large, quite heavy, but is certainly built to last.  I didn't realise how my older microwave had been losing power over the years until I used this model - it heats up very quickly, as well as being exceptionally spacious inside.  In terms of design it's very modern looking, but the menu system is simple to operate.  Essentially it's a top of the range combi microwave, which although is a sizable investment, is one that based upon the last few months usage, should prove to be a wise purchase.  I'm very happy with mine - just make sure you measure your kitchen space prior to purchasing, as it is quite bulky.  10 out of 10 from me!" Susan, Oldham

"I ended up with a lot of vouchers left over as wedding presents that needed spending, and so we decided to invest in a new microwave oven.  I've always bought Panasonic products, as they offer pretty good value for money and are reliable in my experience.  The NN-CF853W is pretty big and looks very high tech - so might not suit old style kitchens - in terms of performance it's excellent, cooking well and being able to accommodate huge dishes - perfect for those with large families!  Our NN-CF853W should last us for years - it feels very solid and although it cost a reasonable amount I still think it's good value for money." Claire T, London

5 Customer Reviews of the Panasonic NN-CF853W

    1. We Love Microwaves (Website Admin)

      We’d advise to leave a gap around and above the microwave for ventilation, to avoid overheating. We’re not totally sure whether housing the microwave in a tightly fitted unit will affect the performance or longevity – it might be worth checking with the manufacturer or retailer. Hope this helps :)

  1. Alastair

    I am looking for a combination microwave to fit into a kitchen cupboard. I have been given the dimensions of 500mm wide 436mm high and 300mm deep. Ideally I would like a combination microwave but I cannot find one shallow enough. I am sure there is a grill microwave out there but I cannot find one either. Your dimensions are really helpful but I am not sure which measurement they refer to – w, h, d.
    Any help you could offer would be most appreciated.

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Panasonic NN-CF853W Microwave

Next up in our combination microwave review section is a massive microwave for those with larger families and room for a substantially sized appliance in their kitchen. The Panasonic NN-CF853W is a huge 32 litre combi microwave, featuring a comprehensive 1000w power output, flatbed technology and a massive 41cm by 25cm by 32cm interior, with stunning modern looks and an intuitive button system.

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