FotogramFotogram is a free WordPress theme designed and coded by moi.

It is designed to be clean, fast loading, so that your content stands out.

It features two columns - left hand for navigation, and right hand for content - and is highly customiseable:

You can:

  1. Change the background
  2. Change the header image
  3. Add a link to your Facebook profile
  4. Add a link to your Twitter profile
  5. Add a link to your YouTube account
  6. Create your own custom navigation menu

Simply activate the theme, and then either select "Theme Options” to add links to your social networking pages, or change the Header image or background via the "Header" or "Background" links provided. The header image is 992 pixels wide by 200 pixels high.

Each post displays it's own image - you can set these when editing the post - by clicking on "Featured image" and selecting an image - these thumbnail images are 245 pixels wide by 180 pixels high.

The Fotogram theme has been tested in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari - seems to be working / displaying fine - though any problems/bugs then please get in touch, and I will try my best to help.

You can download it from here.

It should all be valid XHTML / CSS - has all been hand coded.

Hope you like :)

Please Note: Emma, who designed this theme, is currently away travelling, and hasn't been able to renew her web hosting - therefore for the time being we have re-hosted her website here until she returns, so that users can still access these theme pages (otherwise it would all be offline). Apologies for any inconvenience - should all be sorted soon! She has said she'll try and provide support if/when she's near a computer - emma (at) ekitchen . org . uk


Rob - Em's brother!